Street Outlaws Call Out The GOLDBLOODED

Avatar tecthis | August 21, 2017

Well… this is what you get when you step in to the STREET OUTLAWS turf.

This will be our main event and a must attend, a night time all out drag race with VIP tent, DJ, food and thousands of fans and friends in attendance and more. The Street OutLaw crew is calling us out and FarmTruck and AZN will be calling the races and joining us with more surprise guests. They are excited to bring friends, show us what they got and do some exciting match ups. This event has been made possible with the help of our sponsor Speed Society The Largest Automotive Network In The World.

About Street Outlaws On Discovery
Oklahoma City boasts they have the fastest underground street racers in America. Those cars and those drivers holding that title can all be found on Street Outlaws’ “The List.” Competition is tight and ruthless on The List. So strap-in and put the pedal to the floor cause there’s only enough room for 10 drivers and there’s always someone striving to break in or move up.

The List has been a tradition passed down over generations in the OKC underground street racing circuit. It’s built up such notoriety that the Oklahoma City crews are getting noticed and called-out by underground racing communities all across the country. The OKC drivers always do whatever it takes to improve their cars. They compete habitually to move up The List, but are always eager to team-up and take on any challenge thrown their way. They’ve mercilessly proven time and time again, from California to Texas to Michigan, that Oklahoma City holds the fastest cars in the country. The stakes are high and the risks are greater, but it’s all worth it to reach #1. Tune-in to Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel Monday nights at 10/9c to watch these drivers bet their money and their lives, all for the glory that comes with ranking on The List.