Joinr & goldRush Rally Partner To Search For The Undisputed GRX 2018 Winner

goldRush Rally & Joinr partner to develop the interface built on the Joinr’s existing application to define a clear winner for GRX 2018 “The Promised One”.

The real bragging rights, the clear winner, the chosen one. These are all the terms that came to mind when the idea came to us to choose a winner for this years GRX 2018. We need a way to choose a team that truly stands out and reward and shower them with respect and gifts unlike any. We are excited to announce in partnership with joinr and presented by 1st Phorm, we have found the answer.

goldRush Rally brings you the GOLD SUPREME. A roadmap to clearly identify a team that truly represents goldRush Rally. Based on the routes you travel, the events you attend, your social media posts, engagement with our sponsors, and also incorporating a charitable aspect we will search for a clear winner that will be showered not only with gifts and prizes but also with our respect. Stay tuned for details.

The spoils include a spot for a team of 2 on goldRush Rally 11 and more… a lot more.




joinr makes planning group trips as comfortable as possible. Do you want to make a joyride with your car, go biking down the hill or do you even feel like tramping to a new city? Of course you can create your own events as well. When will you set out? Is there a starting point and what’s the destination? Will there be checkpoints on the way? Different pins on the map provide a perfect overview for everyone who joins. By the way: Will your trip be private or public? All these simple settings help you transform your plans into an unforgettable event.


On your trips all joinrs are connected to one another. So you’ll never lose your group again. On the map you can see directly how far others are away from you. You have an overview of the status of your friends by the use of colored pins, for example, where the leader is or whether anyone has a connection problem. In addition, you are communicating with each other without having to text. You can send warnings about speed cameras, traffic jams and hazards – with just one click.

At joinr it’s all about the community. And great experiences are meant to be shared. Therefore you can directly upload photos from your trips to joinr so that they always remain in memory. For a great feeling of community on the road the unique joinr radiostation by DashRadio offers cool and uplifting tracks – no matter where your are.