goldRush Rally Team is excited to announce our newest sponsor for this year’s GR2020 “The Road Less Traveled” The Motor Enclave

Experiental Automotive Communities. Live Your Dream By Owning It™.  With Locations In Tampa, Fl – Columbus, OH – Nashville, TN.

Private Garages

The core of The Motor Enclave offerings is the customizable Private Garage.

Buyers have a blank slant upon which they can transform their garages into something unique. Owners purchase a finished “white box” space that they can personalize as they see fit.

In addition to a secure place to store their prized possessions, The Motor Enclave allows owners to create personal workshops, offices, and/or entertainment spaces to enjoy with family, friends and business associates.



Each Motor Enclave location will have flexible indoor and outdoor event space.

Owners, members and corporate clients will have access to a venue like no other to host corporate meetings/retreats, product demonstrations, charity events and more. Each Motor Enclave will also welcome the public in for a variety of unique events such as Cars & Coffee, driving exhibitions and festivals.

These memorable events will make The Motor Enclave the go-to destination for car enthusiasts, and their family/friends.

Performance Tracks

Select locations such as Tampa offer State-of-the-Art, on and off-road Performance Tracks.

The Motor Enclave has partnered with Tilke, the preeminent designers/engineers of automotive experience centers in the world, to ensure the owners, members and clients have a safe and enjoyable experience. Tilke is best known for designing the majority of premiere Formula 1 tracks in the world.

Owners/members in Private Garage only communities will have special access privileges to the Enclave private driving circuits.


The safety and security of our owners and guests is our top priority, and all Motor Enclave venues are designed with this in mind.

The Motor Enclave locations incorporate perimeter security fencing and access roads in an environmentally-friendly, unobtrusive manner.

All common areas – including access roads, entrances, and exits – have extensive video surveillance systems with integrated cloud recording backup.

Owners have 24/7 access to each property via secure gates with electronic access control, including remote capability for visitors/vendors.


The Motor Enclave is led by Founder Brad Oleshansky, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur. Prior to launching the Enclave, Brad created and built M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. He spent seven years developing and honing the concept, which ultimately became home to the largest Private Garage community in the world and one of the premiere automotive experience destinations in the United States.

Brad exited M1 Concourse in 2019 to launch the The Motor Enclave, which will be the first unified brand for Automotive Country Clubs and Private Garage communities across North America.

A two-time winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Brad brings to the Enclave projects decades of experience as a highly successful marketing executive and entrepreneur.

The resounding success of M1 Concourse demonstrates that Brad has the experience, knowledge, and entrepreneurial expertise to make his new vision a reality.

Our Owners

The Motor Enclave caters to a wide audience and Private Garage owners represent a diverse group of enthusiasts, including but not limited to:

» Classic car collectors who want a safe and secure location for their vehicles.

» Exotic/Performance vehicle owners that want to house their vehicle(s) in style.

» Individual or groups of car enthusiasts.

» Retirees who dreamed of having their own private space to work on projects and hang out with like minded individuals.

» Family guys that want to share their passion for motorsports with their wife and children.

» Entrepreneurs whose success allows them to indulge in their passion.

» Connoisseurs of wine, art, cigars and more.

Founding Owner Privileges

Phase I Private Garages buyers will receive several special privileges, including:

» First choice of Private Garages

» Pre-construction pricing

» Exclusive “Founding Owner” merchandise and events

In addition to these valuable benefits, our Founding Owners will always have the bragging rights of being the first to join as there will only ever be one group of “Founding Owner” members.

Pre-Sales commence September 2020.


Please use the link below to find out more and for exclusive offers: