goldRush Rally partners with BPM Music

goldRush Rally and BPM Music announce their partnership to enhance the participants experience during the upcoming goldRush Rally GRAND PRIX “The Atlantic Tour”

This year, BPM Music is incredibly proud to make their return as the official sponsor of motorsport mega-event goldRush Rally GR2024 and their summer event GRAND PRIX “The Atlantic Tour”.

goldRush Rally GRAND PRIX “The Atlantic Tour” will be taking place in May and teams driving to major US cities starting from Boston, to New York, Farmington, Hot Springs, Greenville, Savannah, Amelia Island and ending Boca Raton with a continued sound track exclusively curated and designed for goldRush Rally participants to enhance their experience. goldRush Rally is the name to know for luxury and exotic vehicle rallies, and has been drawing big crowds now for over a fifteen years.



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