goldRush Rally GRAND PRIX Sponsorship

Sponsorship comes with its privileges

goldRush Rally connects its yearly sponsor partnerships to the international and diverse demographics that follows the GR lifestyle, event and brand. goldRush Rally creates different opportunities and activities for partners to benefit from social media, print publications, progressive media, product placement, branding and live audience presence.

goldRush Rally has created a huge impact as the premiere automotive luxury lifestyle rally. Specifically with our reach through branded videos with tens of millions of views on YouTube, our social media reaching hundreds of thousands of fans on a weekly basis, online sponsorships & promotions reaching hundreds of millions of views worldwide, print articles in major publications with hundreds of thousands of circulations, and coverage on major TV Networks & local news. We are looking to expand our family of sponsor opportunities as we continue our huge growth which is precisely where you’ll see big potential for your brand as a goldRush Rally partner.

Don’t underestimate the value of marketing directly to your target audience, yet let’s not forget the power of “Instagrammable Moments”.

Content Creation – We have no problem saying we will provide you with the best moments as captured by our
professional media team. You will have access to thousands of photographs and content for your business to
share on social media all year. You’ve never seen your brand captured this way.
Visibility – A moving billboard of 100 vehicles with your branding that captures the eyes and lens of all encountered.
From starting grid parties, to publicized events in almost every destination city, and with just as many impressions in
between, memorable pieces of content with your brand will be created, shared, and viewed in the millions.
Fan Events – Our team will curate and execute public fan events that will be marketed heavily. We expect fans in
the thousands to be waiting for us in many cities.
Private Groups – Your brand will have the opportunity to network within our private online community of
prominent and influential goldRush Rally family members dating back 16 years.
Retail Opportunities – Looking to create a unique offer or campaign prior to, during, or after goldRush Rally?
Our creative team is here to work with you to implement.
Brand Directly On Rally – Want to take your sponsorship a step further and own an internal event such as a
dining experience, track day, or exclusive event to launch a new product? We have several opportunities each day for you to be
front and center.


Our expanding list of media partners such as; NBC, CBS, Forza Motorsport LIVE, TopGear, duPont Registry, Robb Report, MotorTrend, Yahoo, SpeedHunters, SpeedSociety, Complex, DUB Magazine, The Billionaire’s Club, La Vita Lamborghini, GT,, BMW Blog, and Autoevolution have done an outstanding job of helping to get the goldRush Rally in front of hundreds of thousands of automotive lifestyle enthusiasts and expanded our reach and that of our partners.

We invite you to look into how partnering with the goldRush Rally can drastically improve your exposure to new potential clients, while building your social media fan base through one of the most talked about social events of the year. Please take a moment and contact Aimee Shackelford at to receive our sponsorship packet.