NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch Headlines Ten Year Anniversary of goldRush Rally

Avatar tecthis | August 10, 2017

NASCAR driver and car enthusiast Kurt Busch is set to drive to various landmarks throughout the US as one of the VIP drivers at this year’s GRX rally.

The 2017 Daytona 500 winner and one of NASCAR’s most iconic drivers Kurt Busch will be a participant in the 2018 GRX rally. GoldRush rally welcomes prestigious guests and automotive influencers to drive through America’s most renowned cities, greeting fans and paparazzi along the way. Busch says, “Experiencing all of what Gold Rush Rally has to offer is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. Fun, thrills, travel, camaraderie with my friends, as well as making new ones, all the while driving my brand new 2018 Ford GT. Cars are the fabric that bring us together and I can’t wait to hit the open road!”

In past years, goldRush rally has passed through notable landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas Boulevard. This year, it intends to kick off the rally in Boston and make its way across the United States, ending in Busch’s hometown of Las Vegas, NV.

Over the past decade, Busch has become a common face among car influencers. Kurt Busch Inc., more commonly referred to as KBI, is the car workshop of Busch. Starting from a small piece of land with six unique cars, the KBI brand has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings in 2007. It is now home to over 30 unique cars with all different classifications. Some have been driven on the racetrack by Busch himself, others have been geared up and sold to other NASCAR drivers, and some are put up for auction as antique, ready-for- the-road automobiles. The company is currently working on building Busch’s dream car, the 1972 De Tomaso Pantera with modern Ford performance power.

Busch will be joining the GRX rally halfway through the first leg in Pittsburgh on June 25th where he will then drive to Detroit, then to St. Louis on the 26th . He will finish his portion at the opening of the second leg in Memphis, TN on June 27th. All along the way, Busch will be driving the 2018 Ford GT, which will have its own special livery showcasing his longtime personal sponsors, such as Ford Performance, Monster Energy, and Alpinestars, and a tribute to his current NASCAR race number, #41.